"The art that matters to us - which moves the heart, or revives the soul, or delights the senses, or offers courage for living, however we choose to describe the experience - that work is received by us as a gift is received."  - Lewis Hyde

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Current Resident is an exercise in generosity.  The organizers of this project feel strongly in the essential value of acts of artistic expression and in the need for all members of the community to have the chance to share in those experiences. Unfortunately - by virtue of choice or circumstance - not all citizens get the opportunity to live with or interact with art on a regular basis.  Even more so, the privilege of owning or collecting contemporary art is out of reach for most folks.   This project is a small attempt to remove the barriers of time and resources, so that anyone can enjoy the gifts that come with ownership of a work of art.  

Current Resident randomly selects homes from across the City of Pittsburgh and its environs that they feel is representative of its neighborhood.  The owners of these homes - or current residents - are then anonymously sent a gift of a unique work of art by a local artist.  Those who receive the gifts are encouraged to keep and enjoy the artwork or pass it on to someone else.  There are no obligations or conditions. We ask only that those in receipt of these gifts practice kindness and generosity in their daily lives and embrace and explore their own creativity.  

- The Current Resident Team